Umbrella Academy’s Elliot Page Shows Off Six Pack Abs in Shirtless Selfie

Elliot Page, star of The Umbrella Academy, has returned with another shredded selfie.

Page captioned the shirtless photo on Instagram, “Oh glad my new phone works.” The amusing text spotlights Page’s new iPhone, which he used to shoot the photo of them laughing in the mirror in their room while wearing a gold chain, black joggers, and black slippers.

From cbr.com:

The post is full of comments from fans and celebrities alike offering praise for the thirst trap and celebrating Page — and his new phone. Julianne Moore, Supergirl actor Nicole Maines, trans activist Tourmaline, and Pose star Mj Rodriguez all weighed in on the latest look at Page’s ripped physique.

Both shirtless images highlight Page’s top surgery scar, helping to destigmatize life-changing and -saving trans medical care. More than that, Page’s photos have been a source of trans joy for him and so many others. As Samantha Riedel wrote for them back in August, “These images aren’t just important because they’re radiant thirst traps — though to be clear, my teenage crush on Page continues unabated, and he can keep posting these pics as much as he wants. What makes these casual posts so significant is the fact that they’re a celebration of visible transness that are having a widespread impact beyond our social media feeds.”

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