Unwed Teen Gets Kicked Out For Getting Pregnant, Simon Immediately Sets Everyone Straight

For Nikki Leonti — life was looking exciting and promising. At a young age, she had the taste of success. She gained national attention from Christian music labels and it wasn’t long until she was signed. She was only a teen at the time.

For a while, things were going wonderfully for the rising teenage popstar. But after several years —  Nikki’s life was flipped upside down. She became pregnant. Nikki was ecstatic, but her labels were not.

It was shortly after her 18th birthday that Nikki found out that she was pregnant. Sadly —  the Christian music label executives didn’t want someone as a teen, with a baby, out of wedlock representing their brand.

After her pregnancy announcement, the labels pulled all of Nikki’s albums off the shelf, they removed her songs from the radio, and her tour dates were canceled. She was heartbroken but knew she still had to focus on being a good mom.

Despite being discarded by the music industry, Nikki wasn’t going to let this dark moment stop her from pursuing her dream of becoming a singer. With her new daughter in hand, she continued to sing.

Then one day — Carrie Underwood approached her and asked her if she wanted to be her backup singer. Of course, Nikki jumped on that chance. But she still wanted more — she wasn’t going to stop.

She decided to audition for America’s Got Talent and we’re so glad she did. You don’t want to miss her audition! Read More to see. WOW.

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