Here is why Uvalde school district fired Ex-Texas trooper who was at the scene of the shooting

On Thursday, news broke that a school police officer recruited after the Robb Elementary massacre was not only on campus during the May assault as a Texas state trooper, but was also under investigation for her activities when a shooter massacred 19 pupils and two teachers.

CNN broke the news of Officer Crimson Elizondo’s employment on Wednesday night. Less than 24 hours later, on Thursday, the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District dismissed Elizondo in the face of quick and escalating anger from fourth-grade victims’ relatives and Texas politicians.

However, the swift firing did little to quell the rage in Uvalde. Families demanded to know why the school district’s tiny police force hired one of the almost 400 officers who went to the site of the May 24 attack but had to wait more than an hour to confront a shooter using an AR-15-style weapon.

The fact that Elizondo, according to records released by the Texas Department of Public Safety, was among at least seven troopers who were at the scene and put under internal investigation for their actions during one of the deadliest classroom shootings in U.S. history added to some parents’ disbelief.

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