WATCH Dachshund Struggle Getting Giant Teddy Bear Inside Kennel For Snuggles

There’s something about catching your kids do embarrassing things on camera – that goes for kids with and without fur! The video on the next page is just that.

This precious pooch is name Arvo – he’s a long haired Dachshund that is too cute for words. There’s something about those short little legs that I just can’t resist!

Arvo is wanting to take a nap inside of his kennel. But there’s only one problem – he wants to cuddle with his giant teddy bear. Which happens to be bigger than the kennel door.

Thank goodness the owners knew to grab their cameras to record this hilarious – but very persistent – dog! He must really love this teddy bear.

Continue on below to see the hilariously cute Dachshund in action. You really gotta give it to him! He’s dedicated.

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