WATCH: Black Adam First Trailer Just Released!

Since last year, DC and Warner Bros. have been teasing clips from director Jaume Collet-Serra’s Black Adam, depicting Dwayne Johnson’s namesake superhero viciously electrocuting some unfortunate guy to death… since Black Adam isn’t actually a superhero at all.

He was originally a straight-up villain, like Venom or the Reverse Flash or whatever variation of that trope you prefer, the bad guy inversion of Shazam (a.k.a. Captain Marvel, but nobody uses that name for him anymore for some reason), but for far much more of his history he’s been an antihero who just wants to do whatever he thinks is best for Kahndaq the fictional Middle Eastern/African nation he calls home.

Naturally, this frequently entails electrocuting people to death with a terrifying version of Shazam’s powers, which appears to the outsider to be something a terrible person would do.

Check out the new first trailer below!

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