WATCH: Dog Delivers Groceries On Command!

No one likes running mundane errands. At least no one I do. Doing the weekly grocery shopping can be a tedious job – especially if you have to do it often. But what if you had an amazing Great Dane to help you out?

If you have a big family or are just stocking up for a couple weeks – your entire trunk or car might be full of grocery bags. Running back and forth from the car to the house from the car to the house. It’s exhausting!

The owner of the two Great Danes in this video you’re about to watch is so lucky. She has two super smart dogs named Max and Katie who are learning how to help her out with this annoying task.

As you know – a Great Dane is a huge dog. When standing on their hind legs they’re often much taller than humans! But this actually make them the perfect assistant for reaching up and into the trunk or back of a car to help.

Continue to the next page to watch these two cutie pies help mom bring in some groceries. They’re still learning but I think over time she won’t even need to lift a finger!

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