WATCH: EPIC MARVEL vs. DC Fan-Made Animated Short Film

Marvel vs. DC has happened before in the pages of comic books with the mini-series, simply titled DC Versus Marvel, becoming the groundbreaking event that fans had been waiting for. Though the results and the quality of the story may be subject to criticism and debate, there’s no denying that it was a series that the fans clearly enjoyed.

With the advent of superheroes appearing in movies more and more, the next step was to get them to come together as a team, the same way that the Avengers did in 2012 and again this year and the way the Justice League is about to in 2017.

The more difficult step is getting these superheroes from different publishers to come together for a battle royale the likes of which have never been seen before on the big screen. A lot had to happen for DC and Marvel to work together for DC Versus Marvel, a lot more needs to be done to get them together in an epic live action or animated film.

Fortunately, fan films are not limited by red tape and studio rights and issues. In the case of YouTube user Saruhan Saral, the only limit is the imagination.

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