A new episode of the Marvel Knights: Spider-Man web series has been released and it features the much-awaited Venom vs. Carnage battle. Episode two is titled, “Rise of Carnage” which is the direct sequel to his origin story in the previous episode.

The five-part web series is developed by Made Legit Media. They are a video and photography outfit in Georgia which loves filmmaking and are also Spider-Man fans as well. Beginning with a couple of short films featuring our friendly neighborhood Wall-Crawler, the videos eventually became a precursor to what they are now doing with the Marvel Knights: Spider-Man web-series.

In case you missed it, the first episode’s goal was to hit three important elements which they plan to develop during this five-parter:

  • Introduce us to a fully-formed, adult Peter Parker about to make a big decision regarding his secret identity (which appears to be leading to a bigger story).
  • Highlight Norman Osborn as the series’ biggest and baddest villain who is working behind the scenes, enacting his overarching evil plans.
  • Show Peter’s 10-year development into the Spider-Man that’s seen at the beginning of the episode.

While it’s clear that the makers of the series still need some work on the storytelling, acting, and effects, it’s a commendable effort given the limited budget of a fan-film.

Check it out and see if this is a series that you may want to keep following!

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