Watch Jason Momoa as The Crow in Unearthed Test Footage From Cancelled Reboot

Jason Momoa’s long-in-the-works version on The Crow may be gone, but it will not be forgotten. The Crow, which was originally slated to be directed by Corin Hardy (The Nun), was going to be a darker take on the subject, imbued with more horror than the original ’90s feature and based more on the comic book source material than anything released since. Its tortuous production route included everything: screenplay challenges, money concerns, rights issues coming from a studio’s financial distress…and, eventually, the loss of both director Corin Hardy and actor Jason Momoa.

Stills from the film, named The Crow Reborn, have surfaced, however they are primarily makeup tests and other early material. After some of those photographs became viral on social media this week, one Twitter user turned to the site to remind everyone that they were taken from a still-existing film.

Check out the short videos below!

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