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If you were not aware, during a recent big interview/preview of the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, it was revealed that DC & Warner Brothers definitely want to make a sequel to Man of Steel Superman movie.

Here is what Mikey Sutton from geekositymag.com had to say about this developing story:

What I’m hearing now is that Warner Bros. is not only going forward with Man of Steel 2 but a third Superman movie as well. The latter is particularly significant because it’s looking like a trilogy, one that is rooted in Zack Snyder’s first Man of Steel. Will they be delivered to Snyder’s door, awaiting his embrace? I couldn’t acquire an answer to that but it certainly raises speculative eyebrows. By a trilogy, it would mean all three movies are continuing a story line that begun in Man of Steel. Yes, Cavill is returning.

Furthermore, Henry Cavill’s business manager Dany Garcia, replied to the question of if Cavill would be returning in Man of Steel 2 by posting this GIF from a fan:

And here is a video clip with various people discussing the hot subject and even Henry Cavill himself addressing it….sort of…

Yes, the door is expected to expand with Henry Cavill negotiating a new contract with several movies and cameos.fIn addition, DC needs to keep the continuity and plot built going all the way back to 2013 with the very first Man of Steel film.

And now we just got a hot new video from Emergency Awesome youtube channel with new and updated news on this Superman Man of Steel 2 movie.

Here are some of the topics the video will cover:

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And here is an AMAZING Man of Steel 2 Trailer Concept done by the amazing Billy Crammer youtube channel!

Source Credit: Emergency Awesome

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