Watch The Heartwarming Moment A Dog Finds His Forever Home In The Middle Of Lowe’s

Tyson who put Coco through a behavior modification program said the hardware store was the perfect spot to work on the 2-and-a-half-year-old American Staffy-Weimaraner’s manners.

Coco the rescue dog had been looking for a family his entire life when a chance encounter at a home improvement store made his wish come true.

“When I first met Coco, the first thing I noticed was how bad he wanted to try to make me happy, He’s the gold standard of a good boy. Coco is a dog that attracts people, so we had had a few compliments before we bumped into Ricky Coco had been working on being polite with strangers, but there was this moment when [Ricky] looked at the dog and Coco greeted him.”

From msn.com:

Ricky Jones felt a connection with Coco right away.
“One evening, she brought Coco into my workplace doing off-leash training,” Ricky Jones told The Dodo. “As soon as I saw Coco, I knew he was the one for Paula and I.”

Tyson said it felt like the two had always been friends.

“It was beautiful,” Tyson said. “We did a meet and greet later that week with Ricky and his wife, Paula, and I felt in my heart there wasn’t a more perfect family for Coco.”

Watch their heartwarming first meeting here:

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