WATCH This Dog Dentist Wannabe Examine This Pit Bull’s Teeth!

The baby in the video on the next page is barely a year old but he’s already got some things figured out, one of which is what he wants to be when he grows up. It’s a no brainer that this little one wants to be an animal dentist.

The baby’s name is Elliot and he’s practicing his future trade as a dog veterinarian on the family Pit Bull Gemma. Baby Elliot seems to very eager to learn everything about dog dentistry, looking at Gemma’s teeth with curiosity and wonder.

Meanwhile, Gemma is in her best behavior. She is one of the sweetest Pit bulls, even dogs in general, that you will ever meet. She just lets baby Elliot do his thing while he sits patiently in front of him.

Baby Elliot’s parents couldn’t be more proud of their little dog dentist wannabe. ‘’Adorable baby Elliott evaluating Gemma’s teeth. Looks like we have a future veterinarian dentist on our hands!’’ the proud parents captioned the video.

Read On below to see little Elliot pretending to be a dog dentist as he examines the family dog Gemma. The video is super cute on so many levels.

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