WATCH: Who is the JOKER? BATMAN’s Greatest Nemesis’ Secret Revealed!

Who is the Joker? That sounds like a simple enough question and one that should be easily answered if DC Comics wanted to reveal the identity of Batman’s archenemy. That appeared to be where writer Geoff John’s story was headed towards after Justice League #42.

In the issue, the Justice League encountered the New God Metron who was yanked out of his all-knowing Moebius chair by Wonder Woman. Batman quickly took the opportunity to take possession of the chair and instantly became a New God himself.


Image courtesy of DC Comics

He sought the chair’s knowledge of the Joker’s true identity but the answer he received was a bigger mystery than the one he wanted solved. Many Batman fans were enraged with the thought of removing the ambiguity out of the Clown Prince of Crime. But it appears that DC isn’t exactly intent on doing that.

Comic Vine Videos shows us a summary of the comic book panels from Justice League #42 and #50 to DC Universe: Rebirth #1. These stories have led to what is currently Batman’s latest challenge.


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