WATCH: Who is the JOKER? BATMAN’s Greatest Nemesis’ Secret Revealed!

Who is the Joker?

As you discovered in the video from the previous page, there are three Jokers in the DC Universe, something that is not necessarily unheard of with the multiverse in existence. In fact, you might even think that there’s not enough of them!

But what makes the current situation different in the DCU at this time is that these three are all in one universe and Batman has been fighting against them!

What’s going on?

The simple and most obvious answer is that somehow, the three Jokers are from different Earths in the multiverse. For some reason, two of them made their way into this Earth and may actually be working together to cause major problems for Batman and Gotham City.

Who is the Joker

Image courtesy of DC Comics

Watch this episode of IGN Conversations as Eric Goldman and Joshua Yehl discuss DC Comics’ big reveal on “Who is the Joker?” See if you agree with them.

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Sources: Comic Vine Videos, IGN

Image source: DC Comics

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