Watch: WWE Fans Go Viral After Hitting a Perfect Spanish Fly Inside a Walmart!

I remember as a kid, loving WWE wrestling so much and dreaming about being able to complete some of those epic moves in public in front of an audience. Instead I had just settle for my brother and sister! Lol.

Later I would wrestle some at school or with some friends of mine in my neighborhood. I think it was just about every young WWE fans dream growing up.

But today we have some dudes that literally actcted out there childhood dreams…not just in public, but…inside a Walmart store!

Yes, that’s right. Twitter user @l0rdadrean  did the unthinkable. This past weekend he and twitter user @JenonTahir uploaded their latest video and it quickly went viral!

By Monday the 28-second video already had more than 750,000 views on Twitter.

Read On to see how they pulled this off!!

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