Watching These Puppies Swim For The First Time Will Make Your Heart Smile

As a dog lover, there’s no way we could stop loving puppies. These cute little critters on the next page are the ultimate de-stressor and treat for the eyes. They are so adorable, fluffy and innocent that it’s hard not to want to protect them.

So how would you guys like to see a pack of Labrador Retriever puppies literally testing the waters for the first time. Labs excel in swimming and watersport so they are surprisingly braver in the water than other puppies, even dogs.

There are eight puppies in the video and the concept of water is probably alien to them. But genetics is kicking in and their natural love for water made them bravely dive into the unknown. It’s so adorable.

Don’t worry guys, water is your element. You’ll love it from today onward. But this adorable first attempt will have you saying “AWWW!”

Read On to see this incredible cute milestone in this Labs lives! It will melt your heart – I can guarantee that.

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