Bad News Regarding The Final Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer Coming

We heard there are two different versions of this final trailer. One version shows Tobey and Andrew and the other version does not show them in the trailer. Well, we now have confirmation on which trailer Sony may be showing tonight.

We just received some news from a very reliable source: Daniel Richtman (who reported what scooper Reilly Johnson said) who just posted on his Twitter page:

“Sony has reportedly chosen the version of the #SpiderManNoWayHome trailer that does NOT feature Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. Not only that, but it apparently won’t show much at all.”

Do you believe this is true? Why would Sony go through all this trouble to host a big fan event tonight and not reveal Tobey and Andrew?

Or, is it possible they show ONLY the fans at the event the version of the trailer that does show Tobey and Andrew but the public only sees the version that does not? That’s possible I guess.

Regardless of which trailer they show, STAY TUNED to our Facebook page tonight as we will be posting live updates and we will be one of the firsts to post the 2nd and final Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer tonight!

So make sure you are online and following us!

Either way, fans online are NOT happy about this news:

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