What To Expect from The Moon Knight Series On Disney Plus!

Well to many of us, hearing that a new Moon Knight Disney Plus series was in the works came as quite a surprise. With the original announcement of the series following more well known characters in She-Hulk and Ms.Marvel, the decision to pursue a more obscure character in Moon Knight could open the door for many others.(*cough*Nova*cough*) Since the announcement of the show, some fans of the Moon Knight comics have wondered if Marvel would stay faithful to the character’s unique backstory. His backstory being that he contains two alternate personalities within his psyche; and the voice of an ancient Egyptian God. Moon Knight is a bit weird to say the least. Fortunately, we can put confidence in the fact that Kevin Feige is truly a comic book geek, so sticking to the finer details should not be an issue. 

What is a Moon Knight? Is that some type of flower?

There are some of you who may already be familiar with the character, but for those who are not, you may be wondering just what or who on earth is Moon Knight? Well you’ve come to the right place! Moon Knight is actually one of the coolest marvel characters. Marc Specter was once a boxer, who eventually became amoral mercenary. He is a street level crime fighter, but has helped heroes like Spider man, the Thing, and the Defenders. Now despite the fact that he has fought alongside many heroes, getting along with others is a struggle for him. Harboring multiple personalities hinders his fighting ability and his personal relationships.  He has the skills of a trained soldier, a high pain tolerance, and his powers are based on lunar cycles.

When is the series airing?

Well unfortunately, a definitive release date has not yet been established. However, we do know that it is aiming for the end of MCU phase 4. This would put it around the end of 2021. Considering the delay to production and shooting due to the Coronavirus, it’s safe to assume it has been pushed to sometime in 2022. 

Cast? Director?

A cast has not been announced as of yet, but the brilliant mind behind Netflix’s Umbrella Academy, Jeremy Slater, is the show runner for Moon Knight. 

Well we’ll have to wait and see what happens in the coming months, but i’m excited to see what Disney will do. Are you excited for this show? If not, what show are you most looking forward to on Disney Plus? Let us know down below!

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