Where Is This Child Prodigy Today?

While Akiane has never had a near-death experience like Colton to account for her visions, she has definitely had an experience or two! The first one came when she was 4. She seemingly disappeared into thin air! She tells of the memory in her own words in her autobiography My Life By Akiane:

“Undetectable, I remember splitting into a myriad of fragments, hundreds upon hundreds of eyes that could see in all directions and participate in many imperative planetary and extra-planetary proceedings all at the same time. Then, after many long hours, I reappeared in the midst of numerous eye-witnesses, right by the windows in the crescent-shaped corridor of our house. Neither my family, nor the officers, nor I could comprehend what had really happened, nor did we discuss it anymore as it carried rather distressing and inexplicable association.”

After her extraordinary experience, she began drawing and couldn’t stop! That is, of course, until she became familiar with the paint brush. Her paintings have led her to many stages, starting with The Oprah Winfrey Show when she was ten, and moving on to CNN and The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson, to name a few.

She is not limited to the visual arts either, she also writes poetry and books. Her paintings have sold in the ballpark of hundreds of thousands. The first painting she sold was a portrait of herself. It earned the then 9-year-old a nice ten grand!

What does an enlightened young girl do with all that money? Many things, I’m sure, but quite a lot of it goes to a charity for African children with AIDS. The young painter has a heart of gold and a deep soul to match. As a 22-year-old, her talent and genius have only grown more brilliant with time and experience. Watch this video of her “What They’re Doing Now” follow-up with Oprah

Winfrey if you’d like to see the images that made her famous and what she has rendered since.

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source: OWN


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