White Principal Claims She Was Bullied Into Quitting After Racist ‘Slip of the Tongue’

A former Virginia school administrator alleges she was “driven out” of her position due to a “slip of the tongue” during a racial training exercise. She is now suing the school district.

Emily Mais’s complaint, filed earlier this month, claims that white workers in the Albemarle County Public School system were put in a “no-win” scenario when they engaged in racial equity training.

Mais, a former assistant principal at Charlottesville’s Agnor-Hurt Elementary School, alleges she was discriminated against for criticizing the “anti-racist” training developed for instructors.

During the last training session in June 2021, the lawsuit says Mais accidentally used the term “colored people” instead of “people of color” while making a comment during the presentation. The suit claims Mais immediately apologized for the derogatory term but was verbally attacked by a teaching aide for her poor word choice. Mais was then asked to attend meetings with the school guidance counselor, an equity specialist, and the district’s superintendent and assistant superintendents.

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