Why Does Yoda Call Luke The Last Jedi When Ahsoka & Ezra Exist?

Yoda says in Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi that following his death, Luke will be the last Jedi, despite the fact that Ahsoka Tano and Ezra Bridger are still alive. So why?

Yoda is the expert on Star Wars’ most renowned fighters, having diligently tracked the history and legacy of the Jedi for hundreds of years and also trained many of them such as with Luke.

The little, green Jedi of an unknown race served on the Jedi council for nearly two millennia and would continue to protect the galaxy and force sensitives long after the order fell. Given his unrivaled knowledge, Yoda’s apparent oversight is puzzling.

Following the horrific events of Order 66, Yoda turned from a guarded and stern leader into a more approachable and even humorous figure. The master Yoda seen in the original trilogy and the prequel trilogy are quite different figures, and not simply due to the transition from puppet to CG.

The link between different corners and periods of the Star Wars series has always been a struggle for producers, and it frequently leads to canon concerns, such as why Yoda didn’t mention Ahsoka and Ezra as Jedi to Luke.

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