Why Does Yoda Call Luke The Last Jedi When Ahsoka & Ezra Exist?

The simplest practical answer to that question is that characters like Ahsoka and Ezra wouldn’t be created until decades after Return of the Jedi. Even without this consideration, however, it’s possible to find some in-universe reasons why Yoda referred to Luke as the last Jedi despite Ahsoka and Ezra, both people Yoda knew, being still alive.

More than having the official Jedi title or not, which is something Yoda probably wouldn’t be too worried about at that point, Ahsoka and Ezra were in a very different place in their lives compared to when they were truly Jedi. Ahsoka had just fought Vader and was on a journey of self-discovery to become the “White Ahsoka” as Dave Filoni calls it. As for Ezra, he had seen his master die and then immediately disappeared along with Grand Admiral Thrawn. As far as Star Wars have revealed, Ezra could have done some pretty bad things to survive in the Unknown Regions and even become friends with Thrawn, thus placing his heart far from that of a Jedi.

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