Joel kills Marlene in iconic, controversial Last of Us video game scene

It’s one of the most contentious and discussed sequences in video game history.

Joel from the video game The Last of Us decides to forego the possibility to redeem mankind in order to save Elle.

He is a man who has been badly affected by the loss of his daughter. Now that he’s found a daughter to love anew, you’re asking him to sacrifice his daughter for some ‘treatment,’ even though he can’t stand the thought of losing her again.

And the people who told him that the Fireflies who instead of being sympathetic, instead whacked him in the head and kidnapped him, for whom he did the job as promised (The guns, Fireflies promised him the guns), and they not only were Not going to pay him, they actually wanted to kick him out without any of his equipment and planned to kill him if he resists.

In such situation, are you likely to believe these people?

Joel’s choice to sacrifice all and fight The Fireflies in defense and rescue of his daughter makes sense. That represents the conclusion of his entire character journey. If he does not accomplish this, he will no longer be Joel.

Watch this iconic video game scene below:

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