Will San Diego Comic-Con Be Cancelled Because of Coronavirus Outbreak?

With the Comics & Collectibles business that we own and promote at different comic conventions the biggest one for us each year is attending San Diego Comic Con in July. And we were planning to attend this year as well.

In fact, we are at the time of the year when we normally start making our travel arrangments for San Diego as hotels usually sell out very early. Also, we start making other plans with people in the comic business, creating meetings that we will have when we are there etc.

And I know for many of the regular attendees they usually start getting there travel arrangments together soon as well. That involves paying for a flight, hotel, and events that you may attend while there.

But as you have probably noticed, due to the major outbreak of the Coronavirus,big comic/popculture conventions have been cancelling for safety reason. Even big celebrities, artists, etc have been pulling out recently.

Even the biggest of all…DC Comics are cancelling their plans for these big conventions.

And major conventions like Emerald City are deciding to postpone.

With all this panick and outbreak going on across the country..the comic/pop culture world waits to see what the biggest comics and pop culture convention…San Diego Comic Con will do. And me and my team are also waiting.

Well, the folks over at comicbook.com reached out to SDCC officials to try and get answer regarding this.

Thus far, SDCC has made no determination about the event in light of the coronavirus outbreak. Organizers told ComicBook.com that they are monitoring developments closely as well as working with local officials regarding the matter and, indeed, that is the most appropriate call at the moment. SDCC is nearly five months away at this point, but this is also a time when many are finalizing their plans for the event and whether the convention will go on as planned or see some sort of impact from the pandemic hinges largely on how the COVID-19 situation plays out. Ultimately, it may come down to science, specifically what the coronavirus’ situation is once warmer weather rolls around.

While I respect there decision to continue to wait this out and not make any rushed dicisions given the impact it could have…at the same time…there are tons of people who are already garateed an SDCC badge and are already making travel plans..even making tavel purchases.

So SDCC can’t wait too much longer before letting the public know so we can make other arrangements if necessary.

Here’s what the Internet is saying about it:

One source on Tweeter did a great poll to vote on what you would do. Check it out below:


Source Credit: comicbook.com

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