WOLVERINE Henry Cavill Rumors! ACTUAL X-Men MCU Plan Explained!

SO…there’s been a ton of discussion and rumors recently around the possibility of Henry Cavill playing the new version of Wolverine. And while I would be thrilled to see this…I think the world has jumped the gun on this one. There were a lot of media outlets that just assumed this was true and ran with it.

But the Youtube channel Emergency Awesome put out a video that sets the record straight and helps set the proper expectation on what really is going on with Wolverine.

But as far as Henry Cavill playing Wolverine…personally I’m still 50/50 on how I feel about this.

For me, when I see Henry Cavill I still see only Superman. In my opinion he is the best version of Superman ever.

And when you play such an iconic character to well it’s hard to see that actor playing another iconic superhero character like Wolverine who has been played so perfectly and magnificently by Huge Jackman.

There’s also been a lot of talk about what’s going to happen with X-men in Marvel Phase 4.

Again… Emergency Awesome youtube channel just did a great video about all this news and breaks it all down for us.

Read On to see that video below.

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