Woman Claims Men Are Cats And Women Are Dogs. Her Hilarious Reasoning Has Judges Cracking Up

Jodi Miller continues on with her cat/dog and men/women comparisons. It’s absolutely hilarious because it’s true!

“Women are like dogs. We clean up after ourselves, ladies you’ve seen a dog vomit, eats it right back up,” she says setting up her joke with a joke. “Guys are like cats. You just puke anywhere and make a huge scene about it. And then you’re like, oh my god, can you clean that up, it’s so gross, I don’t want to touch it you know.Here comes the dog. I got it, I got it, I totally got it,” she says.

The video of her audition has been viewed over 3.2 million

How funny is she?! And what do you think? Is she spot on?


Source: Shareably


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