Woman Says She’s ‘So Hot’ Men Ask Her Out Even When They’re With Their Girlfriends

A woman stated that men regularly hit on her because of her amazing looks… even if they are in relationships.

Conny Hawk is a model from Vienna, Austria, and she recently spoke with Jam Press on the challenges of becoming a popular Instagram influencer. The twenty-nine-year-old has over 391,000 followers on Instagram and often shares bits of her life with them. But, as nice as the attention might be, it can occasionally transcend into “dangerous” area, as Conny has characterized it.

Speaking to the outlet, she said: “I try to be nice about it but it does make me feel uncomfortable ninety-nine percent of the time, especially because a lot of guys are super persistent and don’t give up.”

She continued: “It can be scary, especially when it’s in the evening or at night time.”

Conny also revealed one particular incident when she visited the hospital after a severe allergic reaction and the doctor who was treating her started flirting with her.

“Once I had to go to the hospital because I had an allergic reaction and the doctor treating me started hitting on me,” she said, “My ears were super swollen and red, I looked awful. As he was flirting with me, I was just thinking, ‘Jeesh, how is this possible?'”

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