Woman Wins Millions After Suing Mom’s Doctor For Letting Her Be Born

A lady who sued her mother’s doctor, alleging that she should never have been born, has been awarded millions of dollars in damages. Evie Toombes, a British showjumper, filed a historic “wrongful conception” lawsuit against her mother’s doctor after she was born with spina bifida. According to The Sun, Evie’s spinal abnormality means she sometimes spends 24 hours a day attached to tubes.

The 20-year-old filed a lawsuit against Dr. Philip Mitchell for failing to properly advise her mother when she was pregnant. Evie Toombes argues that if Dr. Mitchell had warned her mother that she needed to take folic acid supplements to reduce the danger of spina bifida damaging her baby, she would have avoided being pregnant. This would have meant that Evie would not have been born.

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