This Hot Cocoa Bomb Contains a Surprise Baby Yoda Marshmallow

Baby Yoda has taken over items from coloring books and Christmas lights, and now it’s going for your hot chocolate. Celebrate your eyes on a fresh, enjoyable way to create a seasonal drink with a hot cocoa bomb that will give you “The Child” twist.

A traditional hot cocoa bomb consists of a hollow chocolate ball packed with tiny white marshmallows. The theory is that when chocolate melts in your hot chocolate cup, it breaks open to expose the marshmallows as they float to the surface. It’s a super Instagram – worthy moment, and kids are sure to get a kick out of it too.

Galerie also launched the Star Wars: the Mandalorian twist on the Winter Treat by adding the Kid version. The 2.12-ounce hot cocoa bomb is made with dark chocolate and comes with a green baby yoda marshmallow inside.

This looks awesome!

Check it out below!

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