You Can Finally Buy a Potato With Your Face Printed on It

You are, no doubt, wondering, “How did it take the internet so long to figure this out?”

Meet the potato pal.

Yes, this just might be the strangest gag gift you will find on Amazon

It all started when it first appeared on the hit show Shark Tank….

To get one of these done yourself is super easy. Just upload a picture and Amazon will then print it onto a real Idaho potato!

It truly makes for something unexpected but very special!

But what you really may not expect is that this little gag gift currently has over 250 5-star Amazon ratings!

One Amazon reviewer who bought this cool gift said:

“I hand these out to advertise my business. It’s a little more difficult than a regular business card as I have to carry a massive sack of potatoes everywhere I go, and it won’t fit in my wallet. You also have to make sure to hand them all out before they sprout or get all mushy and gross,”.

Are you now itching to grab this super cool and essential item?

If so, grab yours right here!

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