These Freezable Bra Inserts Stop Your Boobs From Sweating

If your chest is particularly suffering in the heat – worse for women with larger boobs – a pair of Bra Coolers could be the answer.

The cooling packs are machine washable and re-useable, so you can wear them all summer long.

Sold by Polar Products, the nifty technology means the inserts will freeze solid at just 14c, so you can use them while out and about.

Describing how they work, the website says: “Cool58° cooling packs freeze solid at a moderate and comfortable temperature of 58° Fahrenheit, so they can be activated in a freezer, refrigerator, or even a cooler of ice water.

“Packs can simply be submerged in ice water or placed in a refrigerator or freezer to activate.

“Activate by simply submerging the packs into ice water for up to 20 minutes when access to freezers is not available.”

 You needn't feel all hot and bothered this Bank Holiday weekend
Credit: Polardproducts.com
 The inserts even come with handy covers to keep the packs fresh
Credit: Polardproducts.com

Pair of Cool58 Bra Coolers, Polar Products, £29.70 ($37.11) – buy now

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