You need to watch the best post-apocalyptic cult thriller on Netflix ASAP

Post-apocalyptic films are often classified into one of two types.

In one lane, we witness the beginnings of a potentially disastrous catastrophe, such as a virus, an extraterrestrial invasion, or a catastrophic weather event. We witness folks go from normal living to full-on survival mode as they struggle to survive the day’s increased threats.

In the other, that shift to a new way of life isn’t the focus. Instead, the conflict comes from other survivors, who clash against our heroes in a kill-or-be-killed world. This 2019 Netflix original bridges these two categories and adds a dark cult twist.

The Silence is a 2019 horror film directed by John R. Leonetti, adapted from the Tim Lebbon novel of the same name. On the surface, admittedly, it looks like a retread of A Quiet Place, in which a family of four, including a young Deaf girl, try to survive in a world newly menaced by monsters who hunt using sound.

But there are some key differences between The Silence and A Quiet Place. Kiernan Shipka’s Ally, the protagonist and narrator, has only been Deaf for three years, though she has adjusted and learned to read lips, also signing along with the rest of her family. Pre-doomsday, the biggest threat to Ally’s life was nothing more than a few bullies — until a horde of cave creatures known as “vesps” started swarming through major cities.

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