You Won’t Believe A Customer’s Act Of Kindness For A Fast Food Worker

While a lot of us have had the luxury of working from home during the coronavirus pandemic, there are many industries where logging in remotely just isn’t possible.

Thankfully, there are people out there who recognize the sacrifice that these essential workers are making, and are doing what they can to reward them for their hard work.

A fast food worker at a Taco Casa restaurant in Tuscaloosa, AL recently got an incredible gift from a faithful customer who wanted to do something nice for him. The employee told the customer that he lost his transportation and had been walking several miles to work every day in the heat.

A few weeks later, the customer decided to donate a car to the employee, complete with a brand-new engine. While the donor requested to stay anonymous, the owner of the Taco Casa got to hand over the keys to his longtime employee while a co-worker captured the amazing surprise on video.

Check out this heartwarming video below!

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