For some reason, it’s always been stereotyped that women are more like cats and men are more like dogs. We don’t know why but cats are viewed as more feminine than dogs. Whatever the case may be, comedian Jodi Miller says it’s the other way around.

Jodi Miller auditioned for the ninth season of America’s Got Talent and during her bit, she argued that women were the ones that were more like dogs and men were more like cats. The judges were left scratching their heads.

“It’s a huge misconception that guys are like dogs and women are like cats,” she tells the AGT judges. “We have it backwards.”

Then, she started with her reasoning for it – this is when she had the judges absolutely in tears from laughing so hard. Miller nailed it because all of the reasons she gave them were so spot on and hilarious.

She starts by saying that, like cats, men only really care about their own needs and, like dogs, women are always there for unconditional love. So far, pretty accurate, right? She doesn’t stop there and it just gets funnier!

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When it comes to a show like the “Got Talent” series, it really doesn’t get crazier than that. People from all over the world come to showcase their unique talents in hopes of fame. One teen auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent and knocked the judges socks off.

His skill isn’t singing, dancing, or even magic — he was going to perform a comedy routine. But not just any comedy routine — he was going to do impressions. Really, really great impressions.

The teen’s name is Craig Ball — he’s extremely silly and goofy but he’s also extremely talented, as you’ll see in the video on the next page. His impressions and impersonations are absolutely spot-on.

As soon as Craig starts performing his routine, the judges have immediately fallen in love. How could they not? The goofy teen was nailing these impersonations flawlessly! But not only that? He’s doing it in such a creative way!

Impersonating everyone from Miss Piggy and Christopher Walken to Peter Griffin and Scooby Doo — Craig can impersonate each character to a T. All while singing to the tune of Miley Cyrus’ wrecking ball!

He has the judges, and the entire audience, in stitches the entire time.

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