Have you ever gotten a perk just for being attractive? Everyone knows that when trying out for something, it’s all in your presentation. Whether you’re applying for a new job, trying out for a sport, a performing arts troupe, or searching for your soulmate on twitter, your looks are definitely going to be considered, just like this guy..

Meet Saulo Sarmiento. This incredibly attractive 28 year old comes from the Canary Islands, and his talents are as exotic as his smoldering features. Not that he needs talent to get what he wants, but you’d think it would make a difference on a show like Britain’s Got Talent, right?

As Saulo walked onto the stage, the audience exploded over his attractive looks. Mel B couldn’t stop herself from flirting with the handsome islander, and David’s response was even better. The end result is a look on Simon Cowell’s face that’s so hilarious you’ll be rolling!

You start to wonder if Saulo’s just there to model, but in addition to being sexy he makes his living as an aerial acrobat. Watch out ladies, this beaut’s main stage prop is a pole! That’s right, he’s taking it back from the ladies in unprecedented style!

You’re not going to believe what he does with it either! Continue to the next page to see why this contestant’s audition has over 26 million views, and flip us a like if you love hearing about amazing talent like this!

With so much negativity, sadness, and tragedy in the news these days, it’s stories and videos like this that can lift our spirits. The children in this video are our future which should give you great hope because, well, they’re incredible.

Baltimore’s Cardinal Shehan School Children’s Choir was rehearsing when someone decided to start filming. Thank goodness they did because what they captured will send chills down your spine.

The extremely talented kids are performing their rendition of Andra Day’s “Rise Up” and they hope that their song provides inspiration to people around the world. They want to spread love and positivity.

Since the video of the performance was uploaded, it has been viewed over 3 million times and receiving praise from people all over the world. Especially Baltimore. That’s because their powerful message hit very close to home.

Baltimore has been seeing their fair share of hardship and this children’s choir gives them a sense of optimism for the future. Continue to the next page to watch their moving and powerful performance for yourself.