Kelly Clarkson was the very first winner of the hit talent show American Idol in 2002. In 2016, she would return to that very same stage and perform an original and emotional song for the series finale.

“You have us all in tears,” host Ryan Seacrest told her. “The emotion that you exude always, but especially in that important song, it’s just incredible.” The song that he is referring to is called “Piece By Piece.”

While Kelly was giving the performance, there wasn’t a dry tear in the house — including herself. She had joined the judge panel as a guest judge while she was pregnant which could explain the emotional performance.

“Super pregnant and hormonal,” Clarkson explained. “I’m pregnant, and it’s nostalgic, and I can’t believe it’s the last season. I’m really sorry I just bawled.”

However, anyone that watched the performance loved it so much that they too were in tears. People admired her for the raw and exposing song when you find out the meaning behind the song, you’ll cry too.

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Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have been married for a long time — over 13 years in fact. What makes them so adorable is the fact that they still love each other just as much as when they first met.

Keith Urban released his eighth U.S. album called Ripcord and to celebrate, he and his wife did their very own rendition of carpool karaoke. In case you didn’t know, Nicole has quite the voice on her herself.

Despite the fact that they are both huge superstars, the country star and Hollywood actress seem to be nothing but down-to-earth when they’re with one another. That’s what makes them so darn cute.

Keith uploaded the adorable clip of the karaoke session on Facebook. They are both sitting in the car when the first single comes over the speakers. “Oh my God, I love this song!” Nicole says excitedly.

The song is called ‘The Fighter’ and it’s a duet with Carrie Underwood. In case you haven’t heard it, it’s amazing. The sweet couple starts to sing along, Nicole is singing Carrie’s part, it’s clear that they sing together often.

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