Man Busts Epic Move To Favorite Jackson-5 Song, Goes Viral

Nothing can make a person jump with excitement quite as much as hearing their favorite song. Especially when you’re at a concert that hails from the same era as the old favorite. Music is nostalgia after all, particularly for this Jackson-5 dancer!

No one feels that more than this gentleman who was caught dancing on video at a Janet Jackson concert. On November 15th, Lashea Battle was taking in the setting of the show at intermission with her phone on Facebook live. The venue began playing the famous hit I Want You Back by the group Jackson-5.

That’s when she caught Vic Picinich getting his groove on like it’s 1969! The man might be middle-aged, but as soon as he heard the old favorite playing from the speaker, he was a young kid again. The instant he recognizes the song, Picinich jumps to his feet and starts busting out moves so epic, you’d think he was trained!

What makes this video so lovable is the feeling the California native puts into his impromptu dance! He’s got so much energy oozing through him, you can’t help but smile wide when you see it. What’s more amazing is the freedom with which he dances.

As we grow up, most of us lose that bodacious attitude that allows us to grab life by the horns and ride the moment. Not this guy though! You won’t want to miss how he jumps to his feet in excitement, so give us a like if you love seeing stuff like this and continue to the next page!

Singing Dad’s Impressive Pipes Goes Viral

Earlier this year Dayla Jones filmed her dad singing in the carWhen she posted the video to YouTube though, she was shocked by the insane reaction! The video immediately went viral, and in less than one year has garnered over 35 million views!

Hello world! Meet Kris Jones, a Texas native with a passion for singing and the pipes to match! The linebacker look-alike makes his living as  a general contractor, but don’t let the bulk and blue-collar fool you; this man is made of soul!

As it turns out, Jones isn’t new to the wonderful world of singing. He recalls being a young boy who loved to belt it out, and his mom had to teach him not to outdo the other kids in choir. The difference between then and now? The world is begging to hear more!

In fact, the crazy success of his debut has led Jones to record more cover songs. He as several viral videos on the YouTube channel his daughter Dayla manages for him. You can watch their adorable father/daughter duet too, covering Keith Urban’s Blue Ain’t Your Color.

With his smooth-as-whiskey voice, he’ll instantly blow you away singing the opening verse for George Jones’ billboard hit, Tennessee Whiskey. Grab your jacket; this cover’s going to give you the chills! Continue to the next page to see why this guy is going viral!