Blockbuster Video’s Website Is Suddenly Active Again!

The website for Blockbuster Video, which is owned by Dish Network and has remained mostly untouched for the past decade or so, underwent a dramatic update this week.

On mobile, the site has been replaced with a blue screen with yellow letters in the Blockbuster typeface that says “Please be nice while we rewind” and “We are working on rewinding your movie” on desktop.

There is no further context regarding what to expect when the site returns. Blockbuster, which formerly had over 9,000 locations, declared bankruptcy in 2010, and by 2014, all corporate shops were shuttered.

Several stores, owned by individuals who licensed the Blockbuster brand for their franchise, continued to operate after that, although there is now just one remaining (in Bend, Oregon).

Dish has licensed the Blockbuster name in recent years for a variety of nostalgic items and ventures, including Netflix’s Blockbuster TV program, board games, clothes, and a number of Blockbuster-branded movie poster puzzles.

Until now, Blockbuster.com has stayed mostly untouched since 2014.

This year, the Bend Blockbuster store teased a Super Bowl ad, which led some fans and consumers to hope that the brand could be coming back in a bigger way — either as a streaming service, or as an online retailer. Instead, it turned out to be a fun gimmick where the store released their ad ON Super Bowl Sunday…but only on VHS and YouTube.

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