Dierks Bentley Brings His 3 Year Old Daughter On Stage To Perform a Daddy-Daughter Duet

If you’re a fan of country music you’ve probably heard of Dierks Bentley, and even if you have not this is a great video that shows the amazing bond this Father and Daughter have with each other.

I can imagine that during the day and whenever he can he sits and plays music with his little girl, and that’s how she’s come to know the words, the musical changes and knows exactly when to sing the right words.

It takes a few moments for her to realize that everyone is cheering for her in the audience, and once the mic is fixed and working for her little voice it’s the most adorable thing you’ve heard all week.

She starts to sing and as she hears the crowd start to cheer for her she get’s more and more confident. You can even see Dierks’ face start to smile more and more as his little one continues to sing and wow the audience.

With a look at her Daddy she smiles at him and he does to her and she know’s this is something that she has so much fun doing and knows why her Daddy continues to play for all the people in the crowd.

This is so adorable and was filmed by VTBuckeye1 and is a part of her collection of videos.

This is one of those videos that if you have a Father and remember all the good times you had when you were growing up, it’ll bring a smile to your face, and maybe a tear to your eye.

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