Jake Paul Defeats Nate Robinson Ahead of Tyson vs. Jones Jr.

In the run-up to the landmark return of Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr., Disney Channel star Jake Paul triumphed over former NBA player Nate Robinson at the Triller and FITE TV main event.

This was Robinson’s first competitive boxing fight, and Paul’s second bout since beating YouTuber AnEsonGib earlier this year in January. It is not certain if either boxer would attempt further sporting wars, particularly if they are already known as pros.

Robinson vs. Paul was the lead-in to the biggest battle on the card, including the return of stars Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. The widely awaited bout was Tyson’s first fight in more than a decade.

Robinson is well known for his long-standing success in the NBA; the 5’9″ player earned three different dunk competitions during the All Star Game Festival. He is well respected for his talents, particularly given that his height is shorter than the norm for other NBA players.

Paul is perhaps best known for his YouTube presence after getting famous for the Disney Channel series Bizaardvark. He has since had a string of controversial issues that have put him in the spotlight, including the looting of a mall in Scottsdale, Arizona during the George Floyd protests, as well being subjected to a raid by the FBI. He also recently conducted an interview where he called COVID-19 a “hoax” and attempted to say he was misquoted, despite their being audio record of his comments.

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