Morbius Trailer Announcement – Spider-man Venom 2!

We have some updates and big changes concerning the upcoming Morbius movie.

For those unaware.. this Morbius movie will explore the origin story regarding the anti-hero in Marvel comics. He goes by the name Michael Morbius. He could be considered a successful biochemist and scientist having a bloodstream disorder that is rare. 

He attempts to cure himself of this problem by experimenting with vampire bats. However, this success is short-lived because soon this becomes a curse, as he acquires nearly all the abilities of a vampire.

Morbius is closely linked to Spiderman. He is often seen as Spiderman’s rival and you could say he is also an anti-hero with a dark, bloodthirsty vibe. But he’s also seen as a heroic figure in the ‘Morbius The lifestyle Vampire’ comic show. 

The film will consequently, explore his beginnings and show us what path Michael Morbius will go on in the MCU universe.

Check out the video below that get’s us all caught up on everything Morbius related!

Source Credit: Emergency Awesome

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