Star Wars Animation Imagines The Jedi Winning Order 66

This super cool Star Wars fan-made animation video imagines how it might have went if Order 66 collapsed. After years of planning his sinister scheme, Emperor Palpatine eventually revealed his true identity after Mace Windu died and reported that Anakin Skywalker had switched to the Dark side to help him. He immediately mandated Order 66, which configured the Clones to turn against the Jedi after it had been introduced.

Order 66 took the Jedi by surprise. Most of them were battling side-by-side with the Clones as they fended off the separatists, but they were told that they were allies.

This made it possible for Emperor Palpatine to commit a mass execution, since they did not see this assassination imminent. That said, a recent Star Wars video claims that given Jedi ‘s preparation for years, this shouldn’t have been the case, adding that it’s more in line with what’s been known in Star Wars if the Jedi won the fight.

Courtesy of the YouTube channel Star Wars Theory is a video recapping the events of Order 66 and imagining how the franchise could’ve moved forward if it failed. Clocking in at eight and a half minutes, the clip maintains key Star Wars moments during this pivotal time in the galaxy including Anakin Skywalker’s turn but imagines what if Jedi Grandmaster Yoda and the rest of the Jedi Order was able to sense that this was coming, giving them a bit of time to come up with a plan. Check it out below:

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