These Trick Shots Will Have You In Total Disbelief

Talent comes in all forms. Whether you’re a singer, a dancer, or someone who is really good at trick shots — it’s always amazing to watch people perform a skill that they’ve mastered. This guy is no exception.

The man is super amazing at making trick shots. What’s a trick shot you might ask? Well, it’s sinking a ball or object into a hoop or “goal” from an awkward or tricky angle, and usually, the person making the trick shot isn’t even looking at where they’re throwing.

It takes some serious skill and practice. Whoever this guy is, he must have practiced for an incredibly long time because he absolutely kills it. The most incredible part? He doesn’t even look like he’s trying!

He holds the camera right in front of his face, tosses his “ball” (which is usually whatever object he can get his hands on) over his shoulder, and boom! He nails it! Every. Single. Time. I know it doesn’t sound like much right now, but when you watch some of these throws? Your jaw is going to drop.

They aren’t just any trick shots. He’s tossing a toothbrush into the holder, a hot dog into a bun, a dish into the dishwasher. It’s incredible!

It’s seriously something that you have to see to believe. There’s one thing that we can promise for sure — it’s absolutely amazing. Trick shot after trick shot, it’s no problem for this guy and we’re in disbelief.

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