Trump Supporters Succeed in Chasing Biden Bus Out of Austin, TX Area

A party of Trump backers on the outskirts of Austin allegedly rushed the Biden Campaign Bus out of town after they attempted to organize a gathering … And apparently, it got pretty creepy.

A few Democratic legislators — who were traveling on the Biden bus waiting to give support for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in flugerville, TX on Friday tweeped the terrifying experience as it unfolded. They claimed they had to cancel their plans for security purposes.

Those reasons, according to them, amounted to a small caravan of Trump supporters who’d been following them along their stops in Texas, and who allegedly harassed the bus when it made a stop near the Austin area. One local politician, Rafael Anchia, even claimed some of the Trumpers were armed, and appeared to be threatening the group inside if they stayed.

There’s a lot of separate videos showing at least three or four Trump-flag vehicles tailing the Biden bus along I-35 for a bit, then getting very close. A campaign spokesperson for Biden also allegedly claimed that the convoy was attempting to run the bus off the lane, causing a risky scenario on the highway for the cars around it.

Check out the shocking video below….

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