Christopher Nolan’s Tenet Removed From Release Schedule, Delayed Indefinitely

Well, it look like we have officially entered the worst case scenario regarding the highly anticipated movie Tenet.

It was scheduled as the film that would be the driving force helping to open theaters in the United States. But now it has been indefinitely postponed by Warner Bros.

The latest Christopher Nolan project was originally scheduled for release on 17 July, before it was rejected on 31 July before a further delay in August. Warner Bros. has now placed Tenet on the shelf, with cases still rising across the country.

From Comicbook.com:

Over the past couple of weeks, this move has seemed inevitable. Los Angeles County began shutting down once again, meaning that movie theaters in the country’s biggest market wouldn’t be able to open. It was always unlikely that Warner Bros. would release its biggest film of the year when Los Angeles was closed, and now things are official. Warner Bros. remains hopeful that Tenet will still be released in 2020, but a new date has yet to be announced.

“We will share a new 2020 release date imminently for Tenet, Christopher Nolan’s wholly original and mind-blowing feature,” Warner Bros. chairman Toby Emmerich said in a statement. “We are not treating Tenet like a traditional global day-and-date release, and our upcoming marketing and distribution plans will reflect that.”

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Source Credit: comicbook.com

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