Disneyland Replacing Annual Passes With Membership Program Catering To “Superfans”

In the weeks after Disneyland announced the end of its annual pass program, park visitors who attend the parks on a regular basis have expressed concern about the loss of the extremely popular program. 

What is coming next? A membership program.

The announcement was verified by Deadline on Friday, when Josh D’Amaro, chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products, informed the Los Angeles Times that a substitute membership program will be available “very soon.”

In particular, Disneyland President Ken Potrock recently told the official D23 Inside Disney podcast that the park will “definitely be introducing something before the end of the year” in terms of replacing the annual pass program.

From Deadline.com:

Potrock indicated that the new membership program will be heavily informed by guest demand and experience. To that end, he said park officials were parsing results from research conducted earlier this year.

That jibes with D’Amaro’s comment to the L.A. Times that the new program “will reflect the behavior of our superfans.”

Anyone who drives the streets of Southern California can confirm the popularity of the annual pass program, as attested to by the proliferation of window stickers bearing the letters “A.P.” and a pair of mouse ears.

The bright side of the yearlong closure of park is that executives have been able to reimagine the park not according to past experience but, according to Potrock, with a vision to what guests will want going forward. The reimagining of the annual pass program is part of that.

Read the entire article here: deadline.com

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