‘The Flash’s Ezra Miller Get’s Aggressive With Cops In Arrest Body Cam Video

Ezra Miller, star of The Flash, was angry with officers during his detention in Hawaii, asking for badge numbers and explaining why he records occurrences.

Cops ask Ezra questions inside the pub where he reportedly grew upset with clients in body camera footage from his March arrest on the Big Island.

When officers interrogate Ezra, he says he was assaulted and began filming because “I film myself when I get assaulted for NFT crypto art.”

Ezra raises his voice as he demands officers’ names and badge numbers, but the cops ignore him and return to the putative victim, who claims he was playing darts minding his own thing when Ezra approached and spit on him.

Once Ezra understands he’s the one getting busted for disorderly conduct and harassment, he asks why and again repeats his claim that he was the one who was assaulted.

Ezra also tells police he was complying, but they tell him he wasn’t … and when he asks what he did wrong they tell him he’s getting cuffed because he allegedly spit in someone’s face.

Ezra’s claims escalate … he says the his alleged attacker declared himself a Nazi and then he brings up Judaism.

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