WATCH: Good Samaritans in Florida save unconscious woman as car drifts through intersection

After a medical crisis, a driver was slumped over behind the wheel. The automobile was driving slowly through a major Palm Beach County junction.

A lady dashed up to the automobile and smashed the glass. She waved for other cars to avoid the vehicle. Within seconds, a swarm of good Samaritans had around the automobile.

They utilized their muscle to bring the truck to a halt. The extraordinary rescue occurred in the late afternoon of May 5 along Woolbright Road and Congress Avenue in Boynton Beach.

One man attempted to break a window with his bare hand but failed. The woman returned with a dumbbell and handed it to the man who had broken through the back glass. Another man entered the building through the rear entrance and unlocked the doors.

The group investigated the unresponsive driver. A guy dialed 9-1-1. The concerted cooperative effort most likely saved the woman’s life.

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