Grandpa Builds Grandson Homemade Quarantine Roller Coaster

Photo: TMZ

This is a wonderful story. Certainly the type of uplifting thing we need to see more of these days.

With a little bit of elbow grease and creativity, this grandpa found out how to help his grandson cope with quarantine boredom. A homemade, roller coaster backyard!!!

This guy has to be the Gramps Of The Year contestant … Building his grandkid one of the coolest homemade roller coasters I have ever seen… with his own bare hands.

Grandpa isn’t just handy, he’s also pretty clever … Check out the trashcan on the end of the coaster, and the custom wooden wheels on the child’s plastic toy car.

The rest of the building materials are pretty simple — wood and cinder blocks. But, you definitely need to be a master craftsman to pull it off.

Sure, Six Flags, Disney World and almost every amusement park is closed due to coronavirus restrictions … But who needs it when you have a coaster in your own yard?

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Source Credit: TMZ

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