Halloween: Jamie Lee Curtis Reveals Michael Myers Face Mask

From Comicbook.com:

There are some iconic horror franchises that are still thriving, including Halloween and ScreamHalloween Kills is set to be released next October and Scream 5 is about to start production. Both new movies see the return of their “scream queen” leads, Jamie Lee Curtis and Neve Campbell. In fact, the two recently had a chat about their horror history via Variety. At the beginning of the delightful video, Curtis shows off her Michael Myers face mask and it’s wildly adorable.

“Ms. Campbell, I think it’s ‘winner, winner, chicken dinner,'” Curtis exclaims in the video. “Like, I don’t know what you’re gonna bring out right now, I’m just not sure what you’re gonna answer that with. You know what, I’m not competitive, but I am, so I just kind of think I needed to win this and now that I know that I’ve won it, I think we can begin.”

Campbell never ended up whipping out any Scream merch, so Curtis definitely “won” as she had hoped. In fact, Curtis also ended the video by showing off an action figure of her iconic character, Laurie Strode. You can view the mask clip in the post below:

Check out the new Michael Myers Face mask that Jamie shows off below!

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